Game Design #2: Class Introduction

Lately we established an overview for Infamis: Legends of the Arena, so you might have some kind of idea what the game is like. Now we would like to tell you something about the gladiators in the game.


At the start of the game the player’s lanista has a bag of gold that they can spend to hire rookie gladiators from the market. These rookies are not assigned to any character class at the time of their hire and it is up to player to choose a class for each recruited rookie. Each rookie has random sets of traits that can have good or bad (or both) effects on them. Some character might be more suitable for a certain class, but in the end any rookie can train for any class.


At the beginning of the game, the player chooses a clan which their lanista will represent. There are many clans that the player can choose from and they all have something unique. In spite of the lanista’s clan, rookies can be recruited from any other clan. But some of them are not happy to collaborate with members of certain other clans due to old disagreements between clans.



Infamis does not have conventional leveling system where gladiators gain levels by killing their foes or winning battles. Player can still boost their gladiators by training them in their ludus. The system works like with real life athletes: most of the effort and work gets done outside the competitions. Also, the gladiators will lose their edge if they stop training for a certain period of time or if they get seriously injured. Gladiators will still earn special bonuses each time they win a battle in the arena. With this system, losing a well trained gladiator won't have such a deep effect to the gameplay.

There are 5 different classes

Players can recruit as many gladiators as they can house in their ludus. But they can only assign 4 gladiators for each arena battle. There are 5 different types of gladiator classes in the game, each of which can be modified in various ways. Five may sound to be a small number, but it’s better to start with a small number of polished classes than a large amount of quickly designed ones. It is also much easier to balance a small number of classes with each other, which is really important for a multiplayer PVP game. More classes can be introduced into the game later on.

Note: As with all of our blog posts so far, these are still early designs, so some of the ideas might change when we proceed in the development.

Names for the classes

We have not locked up the class names, but have thought to give a small touch of history into the game and name the character classes based on real (or slightly modified) types of gladiators. Also, we haven’t followed the real weaponry for the gladiator classes, so the weapon options are not as limited and the player can choose any of the weapons for each gladiator.


The 5 different types of gladiators in Infamis:

Bestiarius aka. druid


Bestiariuses are spiritual warriors that use the arts of shapeshifting and summoning to wipe out their enemies. They love nature and are known for their healing abilities. A skilled  bestiarius can change their form according to the situation and can summon minions to do their biddings.

Hoplomagus aka. mage


Hoplomagi are master spellcasters who can manipulate different elements. They are known to be wise beings and to keep a distance to their enemies. Hoplomagi are deadly foes if left alone in battles to practise their magic. A skilled hoplomagus can use the environment to their advantage to lead their enemies to desperate situations.

Murmillo aka. tank


Murmillos are heavily armed defenders who are well known for their various ways of avoiding and blocking enemy attacks. They are innate protectors and are able to shield their teammates even in the worst situations. Murmillos can rebuild and fortify their armors and recover even from severe wounds, which makes them tough enemies to encounter.

Provocator aka. warrior


Provocators are vicious melee fighters who never turn their back from close-quarters combat. Their crushing blows and affection for constant enemy contact make them feared adversaries. Leaping attacks and fast charges make provocators an enemy really hard to flee from.

Sagittarius aka. archer


Sagittariuses are relentless assassins who use diversion and archery to lure their enemies into their deadly traps. With poisonous weapons and an ability to hide in shadows, they will ambush and desolate their enemies before they have any clue what hit them.


We are still prototyping our ideas for character classes. Our goal is to make every character class different from each other and to create a special boosting tactic for each class. Each character class can be modified in numerous ways and there will be some random elements to how the gladiators will learn their new skills. Some gladiators can even get their mightiest skills at the beginning of their training. But don't worry, we’ll make sure the system is well balanced.


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