Game Design #1: Overview

In our first post we told you something about Infamis: Legends Of the Arena on a very basic level. Now we would like to share with you some more information about the game.

Lore of lanista

In Infamis, you will be playing as a lanista, a manager of gladiators. You were once a gladiator yourself, but now you are too old to fight in the arena. You have stashed some of your personal earnings, but you noticed that it’s not enough for your retirement. Maybe you should have asked for a bigger salary during your prime years.

As a retired gladiator you don’t know much about anything but fighting, so you decide to establish your own ludus and to compete against your previous employer. Your old team was never good enough to rise from your local league. There, you fought your whole life hoping that next year your team would be able to make it to the big boys league. It never happened, but now you are sure that you will be able to do it on your own.

Lanista(Click the image to see the larger version)

Your first ludus

As you know, you don’t have a lot of money, so you need to rent your first ludus from the slums. Once again, you have to start from the bottom. But on the other hand, up is the only way to go. Now you are your own boss and you can make your own decisions, what to build into your gladiator school. You have to be careful though, running a ludus with limited funding is not easy (not unlike being an indie game developer, <grin>).

You are lucky that your brother is a bookkeeper and your mother always told him to aid you in need. He was always the smart one and he will help you to keep your books clean. Your first ludus can hold only a limited amount of gladiators so you need to be careful with who you will hire.

Book keeper(Click the image to see the larger version)

My first gladiator   

Now you have your own ludus, so what next? Hire your first gladiators. Gladiators are your company's main resource and you need to able to barter for good contracts with the best entertainers. Each week, your closest marketplace will hold an event where they present a new set of fresh entertainers. A successful bargain will reward you with a rookie retainer, who you'll need to train to make them a real gladiator. As you did, your gladiators will get old or they can get injured or even die in the arena, so you'll need to be constantly ready to hire some new gladiators.

Gladiators(Click the image to see the larger version)

You know from your own past that gladiators can be troublesome characters. A self-respecting gladiator will not clean their own laundry or make food. For this you will need to hire servants.

I need to hire servants too?  

Servants are your ludus' second most important resource. They are the ones who will keep your ludus clean and do all the chores and dirty work. Servants will cook food, clean laundry and provide other services to the gladiators. You can also organize them to generate revenue for your ludus. By establishing side businesses, servants can provide useful products for you to use or export to gain gold. In any case your main income comes from the battles in the arena.

Servants(Click the image to see the larger version)

I'm going to conquer the arenas!

You will need to win your local league to get your team access to the foreign leagues and arenas. Luckily, the local leagues are usually small and easy to conquer, or so they say.

Each area has its own senator and it’s really important to keep good relations with them. Senators can introduce you to new merchants and most importantly to senators in other areas. Senators are powerful people and they might give you missions that you should execute to maintain a good relationship with them. You gain more reputation whenever you get introduced to a new senator and if you are popular and lucky enough, you might get to put on a show in front of the emperor.

Senate Members(Click the image to see the larger version)


This was a short description of what you will be doing in Infamis: Legends of the Arena. To keep these posts short enough for us to finish writing them and for you to finish reading them, we will probably split large subjects into several smaller posts to give you more detailed information about the game.


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