Art Style #8: Armor concepts

Last time we talked about weapons and also about some ideas we have for them in “Art Style #7: Weapon concepts”. In this second part we will talk about armor and also share some ideas we have for them.

Currently, the idea is to have three different body types: small, medium and large. Each body type will need their own version of each piece of armor. There might be a way to get the small and large ones by scaling the medium armor. Another way could be to make the small and medium versions by scaling down the larger one.

Still, it's highly likely that we will have to make individual art for each size to get the best quality for the art.

The armors

As mentioned before, there will be three sizes. All of those sizes would have three armor types: light, medium and heavy. What armor types a character can carry would be determined by its strength. One idea is to simply have strength as a base for how much a character can carry. So, you can have any armor and weapon combo you want, if you have enough strength to carry both.

We might have to make all of the game's armor pieces in all 3 sizes (see the difference between the large body type's armor in the below image).

The three sizes

Side note: The stat that tells how much a character can carry might not be strength in the finished game, but for now, it gives some idea how the gear might work.

Armor types

Here are a few examples of how armor might look like. These are all very early sketches that I made to get some initial idea for the armor. I divided them under armor types that might suit them best. I used a fish guy as a template on which to draw on the armor.


Light armor doesn’t effect the movement too much but on the other hand it gives just a small amount of protection. It's lightweight, so it doesn't burden the character too much. Here we would have robes, leather armor, etc.

Light armors


Medium armor would have a bigger effect on the carrying capacity, but offers more protection than light armor. Here we could have some heavier versions of light armors and some lighter versions of heavy armors.

Medium Armors


Heavy armor gives the most protection, but needs a strong character to be able to carry it. Heavy armor might be more complete armor sets that really look “heavy”.

Heavy armors

Side note: In addition to the armor bonus, all of the armor in these three armor types might have some kind of other bonuses, so that they would complement the weapons in the game. The idea is to give players the possibility to create the best weapon and armor combo for their fighters, which will fit into their play style.

Also, there might be “epic” armor sets in each, for example a light armor set that has the stats of a medium armor set, or a medium armor set that is as good as a heavy armor set. These would be rare and expensive of course.


We are thinking of having helmets separate from armor. It's likely that helmets will have two different types. Those that cover the whole head and those that don't. In the first case, we can just replace the characters head with the helmet but in the second, it isn't as simple.


Some head parts might not be compatible with the helmets, like hair might show behind the helmet. This means there might be parts that have to be hidden when a helmet is equipped. Also, with the open helmets it might be nice to have the character's eye brows on top of the helmet, because eyebrows contribute a lot to a character's facial expressions.

Characters with head gear

Here I have included three characters who have helmets on. I also gave them some weapons and shields.


The next level?

Just like with weapons, the next level with armor might be maintenance and modification.

Armor could have wear and tear, which has to be taken in consideration in your gladiator management. They could also be easily be separated to three parts. waist (or legs), torso and arms.

Side note: This would make development more complicated, but would offer more customization, than just having complete sets where you cannot affect them at all. It may also be possible to make something in between these options, like having armor sets, but have them have slots where you can switch upgrades that determine the armor's bonuses. Something like runes for example.


Both weapons and armor could bring much more depth to the management side of the game. Still, we have to be aware of the time we have for the game's development. Luckily, character customization is on the list that we are planning to do, so we might be able to use those solutions to get these weapon/armor modification ideas into the game. If we aren't able to get them into the game on its release, I hope we will be able to have them included in an update, at some point.

All of these ideas will be clearer when we move forward in the development, so we will get back to these ideas in future posts!


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