Art Style #5: Let's sketch more characters

We already tested early animations in “Art Style #3: First animation tests” and even dabbled around with dynamic lights in “Art Style #4: Dynamic light test on 2D character”. Now we will backtrack a bit and continue where we left at “Art Style #2: Sketching out Infamis” and continue more about the characters, so more drawings coming up!

The idea is to have a lot of different kinds of characters. The problem is that our team is small and we have limited time. So, we are planning to generate the characters from interchangeable pieces. This means that we will be able to get more characters into the game, more quickly.

The characters

We are still in the process of coming up with the world and what kinds of cultures are in it. Since this is our game, we have no limitations on what we can have, this means we can go wild with the locations and also with the characters.

Usually when you mention “fantasy”, one starts to think about certain races, like elves and orcs. While they might be nice to have, we are not limited to them. In this post, I wanted to share a "sketch dump" where I have been drawing all kinds of possible races and characters.

We will probably make a lot of different kinds of characters and then group them to represent a race/culture. It might be as clear as fish people, bird people, etc., or something more complicated. How many and what are the different races, hasn't been decided yet. The idea is that they would live in different parts of the world and the locations would fit their characteristics. This will also give us different kinds of settings for the arenas in the world.

Side note:
I have also made some one-shot sketches where I have been playing around with ideas for the locations for the world. The game might also have a world map where the player can select the arena in which to fight in. I will make another post for the planning of the world and its locations.


I like to draw these on one huge canvas rather than have each of them in a separate file. This way and can draw influence on the older ones and I think this helps me to keep the style consistent with each new one. Also, it's easier to glance over all of the art and have a better idea if they fit together. 


Side note:
I might also have to start writing notes down with the sketches, just so that I won't forget the ideas that came up while doodling.


We are thinking of making 3 different body sizes, which will reflect on their stats. During the game you can easily spot those who are relying on brute force or more sneaky tactics. Or who knows, maybe the brute looking fellow is in fact a master wizard.

This will, of course, mean that we will have to make all the pieces for these different sizes. There might be some way to scale the parts to fit all sizes but it will be seen how this will affect the quality of the art. This might also have an effect to the design and animation of the parts, since they should work in as many combinations as possible.


I will be drawing a lot more of these before we decide what kinds of characters will be present in the final game. Many of these are based on different kinds of animals with a few orcs and humans in the mix.


So yeah, I just wanted to share these sketches to show where we're currently going with the character art. I will make a follow up after I have another big set to show off! In the future I will continue to post about the characters but will also probably write a few posts about the world and the arenas, since we are planning all of these things at the same time. If you have any thoughts on the game or the art style, please comment!

Hey! The next post is up! Read it here "Art Style #6: What about the world?"


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