Infamis: Legends of the Arena

Happy new year 2016 dear reader, I hope you had an awesome year 2015!

We are happy to announce that HactEngine got Tekes funding and we can finally focus our full strength to finish the game engine for it’s open source release. We are also overwhelmed to inform you that we have started the development of our first PC title, Infamis: The Legend of Arena.


Infamis is a multiplayer strategy and management game, where the player is taken back in time to a fantasy world reminiscent of ancient Rome. There, the player steps into the shoes of a lanista (a manager of gladiators). The player’s task is to administer a ludus (a gladiator school), where they will train the gladiators for battle in amphitheaters. The battles are turn-based, as either a single-player or a multiplayer game.



The game’s title “Infamis” is based on the Latin word for “infamous”, which was a stigma for lower caste people. These people disappeared from the property-owning list, were no longer allowed to take a post in local government and could no longer be called up for military service. Gladiators were recruited from slaves, prisoners of war or volunteer Roman citizens. Even though gladiators were praised inside arenas they were regardless all stigmatized as “infamis” in the eyes of society. Infamis (the game) has a lot of influence from real Roman amphitheater events but it will be a more humoristic vision of this ancient entertainment business.



Imagine a huge empire that has conquered multiple clans of weirdos under its order. These clans were forced to sign a peace agreement so that there can be no civil wars without the interception of the Empire’s senate. The senate has ordered an act that all disagreements can only be solved in a certain kind of district court in a battle on a certified amphitheater under the eyes of thousands of paying spectators. Small differences will be solved in tiny arenas and big differences in huge arenas. These events quickly became one of the most profitable businesses in the world.


You are a lanista, an entrepreneur, trying to make a name for yourself by building a massive ludus and signing up the best entertainers in the business. A lanista’s job is not easy. Big money comes with big taxes and the best entertainers are not cheap. A good lanista has to take good care of their employees, the gladiators and their servants, and spend enough money for bribing the members of senate to allow you to resolve the biggest “differences” and give you the golden key to the biggest arenas.


Gameplay will play a huge part in these kind of strategy games and we would love to try to bring something new and fresh to the genre. We are currently prototyping some of our ideas and we will release more information about gameplay when we are going to the right direction. We would love to have your opinion of some of our game mechanics in the future. So, if you are interested please visit us again. We are trying to update this blog as often as possible.


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